Bitkub and The Sandbox Partner to Improve SEA Metaverse Hub

Bitkub and The Sandbox Partner to Improve SEA Metaverse Hub

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Sandbox, a prominent blockchain network in Thailand, announced its partnership with Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. in a Medium post.

The Sandbox, an advanced blockchain-based virtual world and decentralized gaming platform, is forming a novel alliance with Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., one of Thailand’s top blockchain networks. By working together, they hope to expand Bitkub Metaverse’s influence into The Sandbox and create a metaverse hub to provide users with various experiences derived from well-known Bitkub Metaverse characters.

Unveiling the partnership

This partnership, which combines Bitkub’s industry knowledge with The Sandbox’s blockchain gaming technology, represents a major advancement in digital interaction. It allows users to fully explore the metaverse by unlocking new immersive experiences and enhancing interoperability by connecting popular characters from the Bitkub Metaverse.

“We are proud to welcome Thailand’s leading Web3 and blockchain network alongside Bitkub Metaverse,” stated Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox’s COO and co-founder.

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“Together, we aim to open new opportunities in the metaverse and empower creators and users across the region, fostering creativity, innovation, and economic empowerment.”

The CEO of Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., Passakorn Pannok, stated, “We are delighted to join forces with The Sandbox. This collaboration is a great opportunity to expand to global users and strengthen a dynamic digital blockchain ecosystem that empowers users to explore the blockchain gaming world of creativity and economic opportunity.”

About Bitkub

Bitkub Metaverse is a virtual world that offers various activities for users. It is managed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., Thailand’s top blockchain network. Users can meet up with their friends in various locations, including well-known sites, build ascents, and explore unique constructions. 

One of its distinctive features is the global integration of digital assets and blockchain. This makes platform transactions, such as the purchase of NFTs, possible. Bitkub Metaverse aims to create an interactive virtual environment where users can live happy, fun, relaxed lives and expand their capabilities with various digital assets.

Bitkub Metaverse was developed as a component of the massive metaverse known as “XRB Galaxy,” an acronym for “Extended Reality and Beyond,” which has the capacity to grow infinitely throughout the cosmos. The Bitkub Metaverse will be one of the planets in the XRB Galaxy, which will be developed using advanced technology.

This groundbreaking partnership between The Sandbox and Bitkub Chain is an eventful one, as they are celebrating it with an NFT (non-fungible token) giveaway. They aim to create a metaverse hub like no other, blending The Sandbox’s blockchain gaming technology with Bitkub Chain’s expertise to offer users an unparalleled experience.

According to The Sandbox, the collaboration will improve interoperability and open up new avenues for users to have immersive experiences, enabling them to explore the metaverse fully.

In the Sandbox, a virtual environment powered by the Ethereum blockchain, users can create, own, and profit from gaming creations. SAND’s price has dropped by 1% over the past day to $0.4610 per token.

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